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The CEREC® Acquisition Center Powered by Bluecam is a highly beneficial CAD/CAM unit used in the generation of patient restorations. This cutting edge technology makes it possible for Shorewood dentists to acquire a digital impression of the teeth, which contributes to maximum accuracy and exceptionally fitting restoration. The Bluecam is a hand-held light emitting diode that snaps images of the teeth and gums with little intervention. The light is simply held in place, and the Bluecam automatically obtains images when they come into focus. The CEREC Acquisition Center with Bluecam is among the most highly advanced chairside CAD/CAM technology available, taking just 40 second to capture a half arch and 2 minutes for a full arch impression.
CEREC® Acquisition Center Powered by Bluecam

Did you know…

that CAD/CAM refers to computer generated design and manufacturing? In fact, CAD/CAM has long been used in other industries, but has only made a splash in dentistry within the last two decades. Thanks to CAD/CAM technology and its highly accurate 3D imaging, Shorewood dentists can now provide patients with better fit restorations, improved durability, and a much more natural-looking smile. The Bluelight CAD/CAM combined with CEREC technology means that patients can be fit for restorations and have them placed essentially in a single visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit from the CEREC Acquisition Center Powered by Bluecam?

You could benefit from the CEREC Acquisition Center Powered by Bluecam if you are planning to undergo restorative or cosmetic dental treatment. This technology assists in the development and fabrication of inlays and onlays, crowns, veneers, and bridges. Schedule a consultation with a Shorewood dentist for more information or to find out if you are a candidate for this technology.

What should I expect from this technology?

You can expect to acquire a faster and more detailed impression of your teeth using the CEREC Acquisition Center Powered by Bluecam. The impression allows your Shorewood dentist to create a custom-designed restoration and place it for milling. You can walk out of your dental appointment with a new crown the same day.

What type of long-term results should I expect?

Restorations produced using the CEREC Acquisition Center Powered by Bluecam will hold up to the test of time as well, if not better than restorations formed without the Bluecam unit.